Our specialist sectors

Warehouse and Distribution

Managing the needs of your entire chain

We understands the recruitment needs of the warehouse and distribution sector. We recognize the sector's fast-paced nature, where efficient logistics and precise handling of goods are crucial. Our experienced team is well-versed in the skills and qualifications needed for roles like warehouse management, logistics coordination, and distribution planning.

We also grasp the challenges of this sector, including fluctuating customer demands and seasonal workloads. This understanding allows us to connect our clients with candidates who have the necessary skills and adaptability required.

Whether our clients need professionals to optimize warehouse operations or streamline distribution processes, we tailor our recruitment strategies to their needs. At EWRS, we're committed to providing efficient recruitment solutions that support the success of warehouse and distribution businesses.



Providing qualified and experienced technical staff

We recognise the diversity within this industry, covering areas like mechanical, electrical, civil, and more. Our team of experienced recruiters is well-versed in the skills, qualifications, and experience needed for success in these different engineering disciplines.

We also stay updated on the ever-changing landscape of the engineering sector, including technological advancements and industry trends. This knowledge allows us to connect our clients with candidates who not only possess the technical expertise but also the adaptability and innovation required in this dynamic field.

Whether our clients are hiring for project management, research and development, design, or other roles, we tailor our recruitment approach to meet their specific needs. At EWRS, we are committed to providing responsive and effective recruitment solutions that support the growth and success of engineering businesses.

Engineering (1)


Giving you the flexibility you need

EWRS understands the necessity to match candidates to your organisation is key in order to maintain a competitive edge. We ensure a good fit for all areas of your business, from receipt of raw materials through to despatch of finished products.
Our team has an extensive network of skilled candidates across various manufacturing roles, including production, quality control, engineering, and logistics. We carefully evaluate candidates to ensure they match our clients' requirements seamlessly.
We have an understanding of the unique challenges faced by manufacturing companies including; pressure to respond to fluctuating customer demands, reactive orders, more stringent quality specifications and tighter margins.

Business Support

Improving your organisational operations

We know clerical roles are crucial for smooth organisational operations. Our experienced team recognises the skills and qualifications required for administrative positions, office management, data entry, and customer service.

We're also aware of the changing nature of this type of work, with a growing emphasis on technology and efficiency. This understanding allows us to connect our clients with candidates who have the required skills and adaptability.

Whether our clients need support in streamlining office operations, data management, or providing excellent customer service, we tailor our recruitment strategies to their needs. At EWRS, we're committed to providing effective recruitment solutions that enhance the efficiency and success of admin and back office functions.

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Environmental Services

Supplying hard-working and reliable environmental workers 

We recognise the critical role this sector plays in maintaining our communities' cleanliness, environmental health, and overall quality of life.

For roles in environmental services, such as refuse collection and grass cutting, we understand the significance of reliable and efficient operations. Our experienced team of recruiters is well-versed in identifying candidates with the necessary skills, including safety protocols, equipment operation, and customer service excellence.

Our experienced team identifies candidates with the necessary skills for roles like refuse collection and grass cutting, including safety and equipment operation. We're aware of the sector's dynamic nature, with changing conditions, and connect clients with adaptable and dedicated candidates. Whether for waste management or landscaping, we tailor our recruitment to clients' specific needs, providing effective solutions for the sector's success.